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Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Please Release Me, Let Me Go...

"Want to release your potential? Help others release theirs."
-Pat Lynch

Well, the big day has arrived, Moroccan Days/Arabian Nights joins her older sibs on the great sidebar of life (0therwise know as the right hand side of the screen. Go scroll. I'll wait...)

Thank you for all of your encouragement and support of me as I blunder make my way through this hitherto unknown maze of blogging, and on-line community, and html, and hyperlinks, and Ravelry, and Motif Maker, and acronyms, and memes, and virtual shopping carts, and pdfs, and digital downloads, and all those nifty technological things I knew little about before last year at this time.

(And to think it all started with a thermostat! Those who have been with me from the beginning will get the reference. The rest of you will have to play catch up in the dusty electronic archives, or let it go.)

To quote John Dunne, "No man is an island." And no woman is either (Although I might want to be a tributary...)

Many people working together make our little universe run like a finely tuned watch (Ya know, that is a very hackneyed simile. Surely we can do better. What else is smooth?)

Runs like a:

ball rolls down hill?
barfly's pick up lines?
skein of Malabrigo?
lace weight strand of silk?
tax accountant's calculator?

C'mon...play along...help me out here...leave me a comment...

Anyway, the point is this: I would be mute without someone to read my words. I would be an exercise in futility. I would be the proverbial "tree in the forest," with no one to hear me fall.

So thank you for reading. I would be lost without you.

I also wouldn't be designing without the help and encouragement of two very special ladies: Chris Roosien of Briar Rose Fibers, who helped my firstborn find her legs, and Kim Kaslow of Woolen Rabbit, who commissioned Moroccan Days/Arabian Nights.

Today of all days, I want to tell you a little bit about Kim.

Kim's talent for dying drew me to her website long before I dreamed of designing anything. Her colors are subtle, shifting effortlessly through the spectrum of light. The yarns glow from the inside out...

Just like Kim does.

I came for the yarn I wanted to investigate; I stayed for the person I have come to know.

One of my readers asked me which came first, the yarn or the design? For me, it is the yarn that comes first. Everything that MD/AN is and can be, began with Kim's gorgeous yarn. Her potential helped me release mine.

You will notice a link to Woolen Rabbit in that sidebar I just told you about. Her kits for the stole are absolutely gorgeous and a very good value at just $55. Go visit her and check out the goods. I promise you will NEVER regret it.

You just couldn't meet a nicer person, or a more talented artisan. I am blessed to not only work with her...

but to call her, "friend."


Anonymous said...

Beautiful! I have ordered the Morocco Days kit and have bookmarked your blog. What color beads have you used on your stole? They look red.

Lucia said...

Runs like Kim's Norm Hall, of course! She is a sweetie.

Lucia said...

P.S. Five thousand beads? Really?

margene said...

Kim is one of my favorite people on the planet. She is so good at inspiring others and is a very generous soul. I'm so fortunate to call her friend, too.

Cheryl, the jungian Knitter said...

I love Kim's yarn too -- and your pattern! I am a thrid of the way through the second half now and can't wait to see how it is finished, especially since you said the final version has a no grafting option.

Thank you for allowing me ot be part of this lovely project.

Agata said...

Awww, I am wiping back tears of happiness as we speak ;)

Congrats, and I hope MD/AN turns out to be a HUGE hit, both for you and for Kim. I for one am heading over to Woolen Rabbit to get my kit as soon as I hit Publish Your Comment. Time for all that hard work of yours to pay off. (And I've said it before, but it never hurts to repeat - you are as good of a writer as you are a designer, and I love reading your blog posts).

Kim said...

Congrats on finishing - isn't a relief when it is all over and out the door! Onward - can't wait to see what you do next.

Carie @ Space for the Butterflies said...

Many congratulations - I'm sure it will be a huge hit.

Now as for those similes:

Runs like:

-an Addi Turbo through cashmere
-that stitch that secures all the lace patterning

and of course

- Deep Sheep evading detection!

skyweaver said...

Congrats! I woke up and first thing after I poured myself a cup of coffee was to go to the Woolen Rabbit website and order the kit in the purple colourway. Now I have to go buy some beads!

in sunny AZ

Nic said...

UNBELIEVABLY GORGEOUS! Congratulations! I've been following the design progress here and I'm so excited to see the finished glory of it.

As a student I studied these lovely Islamic Artworks (see URL below) so my heart beat faster as I saw the design emerge.


I'm SO tempted to get a kit, but I've never knit lace before and I think it would just end in tears. Mind you, chosing between the 2 colours would be a real difficulty! I could of course get one now and keep it until I've a few easier lace patterns under my belt. Honey Bee anyone?

Anonymous said...


I am new to reading blogs... and starting to see myself "... as a certain age." Thank you for your clarity and humor. You are a favorite.

Kristina B said...

"Runs like a skein of Handmaiden Sea Silk", as I learned to my chagrin while riding the subway yesterday during rush hour and dropping one in progress...


Briony from Knitty put me on to your blog. It's wonderful. I will be back.



Hazy said...

I love the look of this shawl and it came along just as I was considering a trip to Morocco - Perfect. One thing I am confused about though is how the shawl looks in full length. You can tell with the photo of the shawl over the chair where it ends. Is it possible to get a photo of the full shawl?

Lost City Denise said...

Susan -
Today I picked up my MDAR kit at the PO. It's stunning!
Thanks for such a beautiful project. I can't wait to begin!