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Monday, February 4, 2008

Energy Crisis

Are you old enough to remember the Carter administration? How about the fuel shortage and the accompanying long lines at the gas pump?

Now there seems to be no difficulty finding gas, just paying for it.

We are assaulted daily with the fact of our extremely consumptive lifestyles, and the eventual inability of our environment to sustain them.

But today, I don't want to discuss global warming. (Hell! Right now a little global warming sounds downright desirable!)

I don't want to talk about greenhouse gases (although we did have bean soup for dinner last night, during the game. Guess that makes it a super souper supper. We did our patriotic best to replenish those gases, being good global citizens and all...)

No. I want to talk about...

the energy crisis

More specifically, MY energy crisis.

As in, I don't have any.

In fact, there is in evidence a distinct lack of energy to be found anywhere in my immediate vicinity this afternoon.

For miles and miles around.

I swear, even the birds are doing nothing. It's like the New England Patriots' loss last night so upset the balance of the universe as we know it, that it created a black hole. sucking the very life out of the planet.

A thick fog hangs in the air, but it lacks the motivation to coalesce into actual rain.

I know the feeling...

Didn't get a whole lot of knitting in this weekend. Spent Saturday afternoon with #1 Son and evening with Baby Boy. Spent Sunday cooking, cleaning and cheering on the New York Giants with some friends of ours.

The enemy of my enemy is my friend. As a rabid Colts fan, I figure this means I am now intimately acquainted on a first name basis with the team that beat the "best team in history" (their words, not mine.)

I'm not sure, but we may be such good friends that I am babysitting the kids on Friday night (along with half of Indianapolis.)

What a game! It was so good, I didn't even knit.


You heard me right. I sat for four hours and did not take a single stitch. THAT'S how good the game was. For once, the Super Bowl lived up to its name. And all of us in Indianapolis congratulate Peyton's little bro on his coming of age. We wish you all the luck...

As long as you're not playing us.

This ain't Philadelphia. Brotherly love only gets you so far.

Morocco requires too much attentiveness to travel well, but I did get a little knitting and design time in on my McGregor's Garden socks.

I rounded the short row heel,

I figured out an artistic way to transition from the cabbage patch pattern to the cables up the leg,

Wth a nifty little traveling twisted stitch that also serves to close the gap that can form when you begin knitting in the round again.

I am now within one pattern repeat of capping off the first sock with its little lacy lettuce frill.

I love the way the traveling twist stitches stand out on the nubby background.

I appreciate the way the pattern pulls the leg of the sock in; that will help keep them from sagging.

And I love the little hearts that form at the turn of the ankle.

I love Peter, still hiding in the cabbage patch, only his ears showing, giving away his secret location to those who know where to look.

And I love the yarn color (Rosemary & Thyme), with its subtle variations of green and the softest pink imaginable (think bunny noses)

I tell ya', there's a whole lotta' lovin' goin' round...

Here it is on an actual paddle foot.

Time to write up the pattern and get Kim going on her test knit, Kits will be available from Woolen Rabbit soon.

That way, we can sport our ever-lovin', bunny-lovin' socks for Easter this year.

Why should bonnets have all the fun?

My goal for the day: reaching the center panel on Moroccan Days.

I'm off to the kitchen for another cuppa. Hopefully that will fuel a quick comeback.

If it doesn't?

Well, I can always go stand in line at the pump. Two words...

High Octane.


Anonymous said...

Very nice details in the sock. I am really looking forward to knitting it and trying out Woolen Rabbit yarn. The ears are my favorite part so far, very cute.

Michelle said...

Energy is short around these parts too. It doesn't help when there isn't sun in the Alamo city because we just get so much of it throughout the year. It's funny you should mention the gas shortage of the '70s because I was little back then but my bros and sis were older so they took turns on our assigned day lining up at 4 AM to get gas. Ugh.

Those hearts on that sock are way too cute.

Anonymous said...

You are right, that yarn is gorgeous! And I'm loving the pattern!

Anonymous said...

The hearts are perfect!! I just love those bunny ears peeking out too :-)

Ronni said...

I am loving these socks! I am going to have to make these for sure! Too cute.

Carie @ Space for the Butterflies said...

Easter Socks! Now there's an idea, particularly if they have sweet little bunny ears!

Opal said...

I can't wait to see the sock in its entirety. They're going to be darling!

Lucia said...

As a lifelong Pats fan, I had a bad feeling about that game. What goes up must come down. Sigh. I did well in the office pool, though.

Would you be willing to part with the specifics of your gap-closing technique? That gap is the bane of my socknitting existence.

Pat K said...

I do like the springtime color of that yarn. And the scarf is almost ready to make it's finished appearance. (I didn't have any problem with massive knitting during the game.)

Agata said...

I know EXACTLY what you mean about the game... my husband actually looked at me, puzzled, when he noticed there were no needles in my hands. Besides, why mar such a wonderful game with the negativity of dropping stitches whenever I jumped up from the couch to yell and celebrate.

McGregor's Garden is just too darling. I've never bought a kit in my life, but that will probably have to change. I really, really like all those little details - the way the cables travel up the back, the heart, little Peter hiding... :)

Ann said...

The sock is gorgeous & such details - I love the rounded heel - it really looks very good!