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Thursday, January 31, 2008

What Keeps You Warm in the Middle of the Night?

Are we cold yet?

I don't know about you, but I think the novelty of snow and ice is wearing off. I don't really mind the outdoor temps so much. But my workroom is cold.

  • Frozen-tootsies cold
  • Chilblain-hands cold (I so need to knit myself some fingerless gloves. In my spare time. Ri-ight.)
  • Sink-into-your-bones cold
  • Draft-along-the-floor cold
  • Cats-have-vacated cold
  • Constant-state-of-mild-discomfort cold
  • Thermostat-malfunctioning cold (Nope, that's not it. I checked. Who says you can't teach an old dog new tricks...WOOF!)
  • My-studio-is-ten-degrees-cooler-than-the-rest-of-the-house cold
  • Who's-going-to-buy-the-house-Eskimos? cold
  • Keeping-the-heating-bill-less-than-the-national-debt cold

Are you getting the picture, or shall I continue?

  • Wrap-yourself-in-shawls cold (not that that is a bad thing, mind you...)
  • Having-erotic-dreams-about-making-out-on-the-beach with-the-surfer-boy (only I can take or leave the boy. Hold the beach!) cold
  • Can-you-knit-in-a-warm-bathtub? cold
  • Attempting-to-knit-on-and-wear-my-woolen-designs (at the same time) cold
  • Where's-a-warm-cat-when-you-need-him? cold (Answer: lying on the heating vent - must be nice!)
  • Send-out-the-St.-Bernard-dogs-with-the-cask-of-brandy cold
  • Breaking-up-with-someone-in-an-email cold
  • Donald-Trump cold
  • Leona-Helmsley cold

(No THAT'S cold!)

Need I say more?

I didn't think so...

So what keeps me warm?

  • Woolen socks
  • Wrist Warmers (if I had any. See above.)
  • Malabrigo hats
  • Hot cocoa (with whipped cream & sprinkles on top)
  • Candy hearts
  • Homemade anything
  • A steaming hot cup o' java
  • Purrs
  • Family
  • Readers
  • Knitters
  • Helping someone else
  • Blog awards
  • Flowers
  • Ravelry
  • Hot baths
  • Hotter showers
  • Big honkin' pot of four alarm chili (or at least three)
  • Baking
  • Down comforters
  • Memories
  • Cashmere (mmmmmm!)
  • Friends
  • Friends
  • Friends

Did I mention friends?

  • Giving away yarn

Wait a minute, did she say, "Giving away yarn?"

She did.

Leave a comment, telling me what frosts your butt...

Or warms the cockles of your heart (Just what are cockles, and where in the heart are they located? For an answer, click here.)

And I will randomly select someone to receive a Sunflower Designs care package guaranteed to make you feel warm all over.





Anonymous said...

You've got to love Michigan weather that goes from 45 and raining to 2 degrees and blizzarding! My furnace is on almost constantly... and it makes me weep for the upcoming propane bill.

But that being said, your friendship really brightens these weird winter days :) I'm working on this beautiful prayer blanket for a friend who has Chemo, and it's just long enough now that I can spread it out over my lap to keep me warm. And when I'm not knitting? My Doberman claims the lap spot!

errs said...

Walking three blocks from the train station to work along the Chicago River cold...

Warm - wearing hat made with yarn dyed by a friend

Warming -- the idea of hand-knit alpaca legwarmers...

Warmest -- knowing you can work at home tomorrow!

Chrispy said...

wow I can totally side with you on the cold studio and my husband had suggested moving the studio out of the house and into the old RV shed thing. No way. I don't think there are enough space heaters to keep me and that space warm. I will stick with my slightly-chilly-must-wear- woolen-things-and-have-a-heater-pad- on-under-the-blankets-while-I-design room.

Another thing that gets me cold but I do it for my health is to walk around our lake in the freezing rain with my walking buddy. At least our waists are shrinking.

Things that warm my soul:
My warm little snuggle pup
my blog/knitting friends
handknit socks and sweater

amy said...

Cold is middle-of-the-night in the bed alone because your husband is traveling, with the Other Sheets on the bed, the ones that don't seem to hold heat, and then your 3yo climbs into bed (which is usually fine, as he's a little toaster) and puts his ice cold feet on your back.

Cold is running out to get the mail and needing a half hour to warm up because the cold made your lungs ache in only 20 seconds.

Warm is staying up late (because you can't sleep) (because your husband is traveling) and knitting your children wee little Valentine's hearts and pouches to put them in. Here is my love for you, child, woven into this soft pink yarn, so you can carry it with you always.

Dove Knits said...

Oh, I understand cold! I'm ok with being cold outside, but not being cold inside. Thankfully, I have lots of things to keep me warm:

-My sweet husband, both physically and metaphorically
-My nieces and my Sunday school students. Ok, they don't literally keep me warm, but they do warm my heart! And the physical activity from chasing them gets the blood going.
-My knitting -- it keeps me warm when I wear it, and, if it's big enough, covers my lap and keeps that warm
-My ironing. I hate ironing, but it does keep me warm
-Lots and lots of baths!

margene said...

It likely isn't as cold here as it is in your neck of the woods, but it's gone on too long and been way to cold and snowy for my liking. Being sick of being sick only adds insult to injury. To knit I sit by a little space heater that keeps my toes extra warm with an old, old afghan over my knees. Moxie squeezes in between me and and the chair so I'm extra warm..it's heavenly. But, it makes me feel old even if it helps me stay oh so warm while I knit.

Anonymous said...

HELL0 SUSAN - what warms the cockles of my heart is the thought of being in morracco via your shawl in the lovely shades of kims yarn -I can almost smell the spices and feel the heat- oh heat, come to me moracco!!!


Sharon Rose said...

Bumping down the road in an ancient windy right-hand-drive Land Rover with a heater as strong as a poodle fart: Toe-numbing cold.

Being passed by a suit driving a brand new Jeep who is clearly jaw-droppingly jealous of your unique ride: Instant warmth.


Unknown said...

Sitting at the computer as the wind howls outside of the drafty window you just HAD to put the desk next to ...

So i find warmth in my handspun knit fingerless mitts, internationally exchanged scarf and gifted handknit wools socks. And, when she's awake, my energetic girlie with the bouncy red curls ;)

Marigold said...

cold - being 8 months pregnant, with a coat that dosen't quite fit at this point, lugging around a sleepy two year old who refuses to walk, while you finish up grocery shopping (had to get the groceries before the blizzard, of course :) and errands in below freezing weather.

warm - getting home, dreading the idea of picking up the sleeping child to carry him to the house, and seeing my wonderful husband (home from work early with a bad cold) come out to the car to move the boy for me. What a wonderful man!

other warm things: tea, knitting, Ravelry, wonderful blogs to read, cats, furry dog who thinks he's small enough to be on my lap, children who volunteer to clean, lovely knitting, chocolate...

Anonymous said...

Seeing as where I live on the coast in Down East Maine, there are many things I can say that "frost my butt". They are:

* Looking out my window to see slabs of ice piled upon one another on the beach- instant cold!
* Just crawling out of bed in the morning and unknowingly stepping in a puddle of melted snow dear husband left behind on his way to work.
* Walking into the kitchen after the kids come in from the outside to find they have left the door open!
* Having your breath taken away by the cold when stepping outside.
* When my husband asks for a hug only to warm his freezing hands on my back.
* Getting in a cold vehicle (why can't the truck have electric start?) to warm it before leaving only to find it still cold when I re-enter it.
* Having to go outside in sleet and freezing rain and having my hair be frozen when I get back inside.

What warms the cockles of my heart? How about...

* They way my children smile at me for no reason.
* My husband allowing me to warm my feet on his legs when we get in bed.
* Seeing the pride in my children's eyes when I give them something I just knitted.
* Falling asleep with my cat laying on my feet.
* Listening to my cat's purrs.
* Cuddling with dear hubby.
* Chocolate, chocolate, chocolate
* Homemade beef stew
* Homemade chili
* The smell of homemade bread baking in the oven.

This was fun. I think I will add the list to my blog.

Kenyetta said...

Very cold- A cold dreary rainy day with the sun not up when I have to go to work when everyone else is still snuggled in the bed.

Warm- a warm spot on my sofa, my 115 lb foot warmer snoring on top of my feet, a good movie, and no interruptions.

Miss Bea said...

Cold is the winter wind between the mill buildings in Lowell finding any free bit of skin.

Cold is my car when I forget to turn it on before I leave and have forgotten my gloves.

Warm is my cocoon of blankets just before I get out of bed in the morning.

Warm is on the couch next to my sweetie.

And of course, warm is the lovely wool hat I am making!

Anonymous said...

Oh Susan! You are breaking my heart! I hereby decree that I, As Kat Knits, will go for and cast on some wrist warmers just for you!

You keep designing - and I shall knit something sweet just for you!

... and what warms me?

That is simple - a nice afternoon knitting with my pups curled up next to me!

wenat said...

Cold is the unexpected blizzard that hit Vancouver earlier this week. Warming the cockles of my heart is the wee baby that was born to my best friends in the midst of all that weather. (Coincidentally, their first kid was born in the middle of one of the worst winter storms to hit Boston in 2003!)

Anonymous said...

Cold is....having an office at work with very little heat...always having cold toes...ice storm headed our way overnight...an old drafty cottage.

What warms me...snuggling with my puppy...under a blanket...knitting...with a cup of tea.

Skylark said...

Cold - answering the phone with the hope that it will be my son but it is a 'who will you vote for' poll.

Warm - twinkling eyes from my loved ones

Warm - new yarn and a pattern!

Br.r.r.r I'm going for a cuppa coffee right now.

Rachel said...

Such a fitting contest topic today...where I write from what is becoming the land of snow, and snow, and snow. Another storm, 16 inches later, the university closed for the first time since the 70's, and another storm right behind (this of course doesn't affect the graduate student!). I concur...I'm tired of the snow!

What warms me? curled up under a blanket knitting or reading, drinking a nice hot cup of tea. Finding the time to do that? Hmmmm. But don't you worry, if I get lucky and get picked, I'll find the time :)

Stay warm S!

Pat K said...

Cold -- the dog has to go out at 3:00 am and it's windy and cold as heck and I'm only in pajamas and sandals.

Cold -- enjoying a balmy Arizona afternoon wearing just jeans and a tshirt and the next morning at 5:00 am I'm scraping ice off the car frantically trying to get to work on time.

Warm -- knitting a warm blanket (draped all over me) in the evenings for a grandchild's first birthday gift.

Warm -- snuggling in bed with the old man at night while the wind blows outside and the windshields freeze.

What a neat bunch of lists of warm and cold things in all the comments! Very warming all by themselves!

Skylark said...

Oh my, I came back with my cuppa coffee and you had responded. Now that warms me more than the hot coffee.

Happy knitting!

Suzanne said...

Cold - our den, which is over the garage and is where I spend most of my home time. I also need to knit some fingerless mitts to wear while I read the blogs.

Warm - my little cat who sits with my while I knit. Plus, my heated seats in my car. My sister has been bragging about hers for years and I would laugh at her but then I bought a car last year that had them. Yumm, except when it is 90 and I turn them on in error and wonder why my butt is now hot.

Carla Willingham said...

Cold as living in an old fixer-uper where none of the windows/doors fit and the wind is blowing at 40 MPH in 30F temp. Warm is crawling under the blankets and knowing that husband has already got my side of the bed warm..Got to love that man!!!

Anonymous said...

Cold is 30 yr old windows that need replacing and an inadequitly insulated walls and floors.

Warming are hugs from my children and hubby too.

Kim said...


Cold is cleaning out bunny cages when the temps are in the single digits.

Warm is wrapping myself up in some of their angora lovliness :-)

MamaMay said...

Warming are freshly baked cookies... chocolate chips are necessary.

I moved to Florida this last summer from Kansas City and, well it is not cold here but I always hated losing power during ice storms. No power for days!

Bea said...

Somehow this time of year I am always colder in the house then out of it? Its the oddest thing. I get almost frozen feet. I make the doggies lie on them even when they don't want to! I don't think they like cold toes, but neither do I. I wonder if this is why all my socks are covered in dog hair??

Ronni said...

Well what frosts my butt at the moment is the people who are digging up the sewers in our neighborhood. But what makes me cold is the rooms in my house (most of them) that aren't insulated.

What warms the cockles of my heart also warms the body and that's my sweet puppy (who's a year and a half and huge now) jumping up on the couch and cuddling with me. Another thing that warms by bod is something I'm shy of admitting since I didn't make it but it's a faux fur throw that is so soft and so warm that I get warmer just thinking about getting under it.

Donna Lee said...

It takes a lot to frost my butt, generally I am easy going. But warm? I was waiting outside a restaurant last Valentine's Day for my husband who was meeting me after work for a romantic meal. Since I got there first, I got to watch him walk down the street toward me. I saw the look on his face the moment he saw me. It lit up like a Christmas tree and made my heart go pitter pat. After 26 years of marriage, my heart still goes pitter pat.

Anonymous said...

A few things first! I keep "seeing" you everywhere at ravelry. I have chalked it up expectionally good taste that we must share. The other is that I love winter. There is no silence like falling snow. Winter really invigorates me. Now I don't care to be cold so I bundle up but I love beef stew, hot chocolate, and then curl up with some knitting a Sean Connery James Bond movie. It would be even better if there were a blizzard raging outside while eating said stew and drinking said cocoa.

Bring on the snow.

Kris said...

Well - the second cold snap involving sub-zero temps does very little for me, but I have to say, knowing that DH has a month without call warms me greatly *wink*wink*

Stop over at my place for yet another giveaway.

Rachael Hutchings said...

2 heaters--dead, and won't be fixed until the end of February = COLD!

Wicked grin of my 1-year old daughter = WARM!

Thinking about/eating chocolate = WARM!

coastergirl said...

The things that warm me....

a puppy kiss from my little yorkie, tigger

a letter/email from a friend

the evening spent at the local pub with friends drinking beer and knitting

a good blog read.....

Lucia said...

Cold -- getting up in the dark

Warm -- friends (that means you!), purring cats, knitting for family, friends, and people who need a little warmth in their lives.

teabird said...

things that make my blood run cold- statistics that show how little many Americans are reading...
things that make my blood run cold, literally - a bathroom with no insulation...
things that warm me - tea, friends, Harry Potter, Vaughan Williams, and Orion in the night sky...

teabird / ravelry

Anonymous said...

What frosts my a**? Snow snow and more snow, but too old for snow days! Luckily I have my snuggly dachshund and my Lizard Ridge blanket to keep me toasty warm!

Becca said...

Oooh, you made me shiver reading all those cold things!

Cold - no one told me that losing 65 lbs. would mean I am cold all the time. My collarbones ache because I'm always hunching my shoulders in my new "I'm cold" pose. On the other hand, I can keep myself warm in smaller jeans.

Cold is also realizing that your only clean PJs are out in the laundry room that has no heat. Not only do you have to go out there to get them, they will be chilly against you when you put them on.

Warm - is a shower so hot that there's only 2 ft. of visibily from the steam when you are done. Also, handknit socks in cute shoes.

Anonymous said...

Our Lab, Abby, warms our hearts down to our souls. And my soles, too, when she plunks herself down against me as I knit. (The cats are depending upon me for their warmth!)

Michelle said...

Waking up with my daughter snuggled up to me. She's a portable space heater. I know it's corny.

Tina said...

Cold - getting out of bed hours before everyones else gets up to go to work in heavy rain that the strong wind pushes everywhere down and through your clothes.
Warm - floor heating in the bathroom, best when coming out of the shower after coming home from the cold. Then sitting down in the living room with my knitting, a cup of tea, one dog curled up in my lap, the other two to my left and right and Darling fixing a yummy dinner.

Carie @ Space for the Butterflies said...

Cold would be my husband stealing all of the quilt in the middle of the night, train companies terminating the service early and throwing me out onto an icy platform to wait for the connecting service, Victorian court rooms

But for warmth - well ....

- the husband warmed me up with a cuddle after I woke him up to accuse him of quilt theft
-my knitted sock, cardigan, mittens and hood that I was so grateful for this morning.
-laughter, smiles and giggles
-the small shaft of sunlight that squeezed into my office this morning between the other buildings
-my soup!! (it's lunchtime)
-the fact that I'm delighted that it's cold and desperately want it to snow because my friend is getting married tomrrow and her dream is for it to snow!

Meanwhile I'm sending warm thoughts!

Anonymous said...

Cold is being pulled down the back stairs by your 100-pound dog, falling on your rear on the bottom stair which is covered with sleety, puddly snow when you're in cotton slacks (error in judgment)knowing that you'll be out there in the snow/sleet/rain(typical Massachusetts) because we're only on the front end of the dog doing his business and it takes 20 minutes to find that "special spot".

Warm? Looking at all the exquisite yarns and projects on A Few Stitches Short, and knowing that there's only four inches left on the second sleeve of your son's sweater so the opportunity to start a new project is just a weekend away.

Your blog is a treasure!

km said...

Cold: I really have no business complaining. My house was a 'chilly' 68 last night without the heater. Yet my toes are cold when I go to bed.

Warm: Waking my 2 up from her nap...and cuddling her while she wakes up. She says, "my wuv you!" How cute is that. Warms my heart...every last inch.

Anonymous said...

First, I have to say that I stalk your blog since I first found pictures of Moroccan Days on Ravelry! Second, I apologize if that sounds creepy. I'm really an ok kind of gal... normal even... well almost! Seriously, I love reading it though.As for what frosts my butt or warms my heart...

Cold: Calgary - on average this past week, it's been about -20 to -25 F, with wind chills of -40 to -50!

Warm: spending time with friends, or getting to see and chat with my sister and niece online, even though they're 3000 miles away.

leah said...

Now that I live in Louisiana being cold is a treat! When it does happy a warm kitty in the lab does the trick (know your loved helps too)

Sourire11 said...

What frosts me is waiting for the bus in this cold!!! My bus stop is literally a block away from Lake Erie and when the wind blows across the frozen lake... brrrr!

But. Handknit socks keep me warm every day during the wait.

Sourire11 said...

What frosts me is waiting for the bus in this cold!!! My bus stop is literally a block away from Lake Erie and when the wind blows across the frozen lake... brrrr!

But. Handknit socks keep me warm every day during the wait.

Lisa said...

Well, Michigan will frost you for sure! Meanness also makes a heart grow cold.

For warmth I love a nice hot bath, a glass of wine, a mug of cocoa, some beautiful wooly handknits or a smooch on my child's cheek.

Anonymous said...

Good old technologically modern electic blanket. THAT's what keeps me warm...and the hidden electric heater under my desk at work...shhhhh!

adrienne said...

i am so cold right now that i would rather share warm...

long soak in a hot bath
brandied hot chocolate with whipped cream
warm chocolate chip cookies
snuggling in bed under a pile of blankets
and a big roaring fire in the fireplace


Anonymous said...

I agree on being sick of the snow and cold. Unfortunately in NORthern NY we still have a good 3 months left of it! What makes me warm is thinking about our annual beach house vacation on LBI, NJ Nothing beats the ocean

Anonymous said...

Look at the lurkers come out of the woodwork lol!!

Honestly I much prefer to be cold than warm; I am a total furnace and always giving off heat so being cold is a blessing to me. And a great reason to wear cozy sweaters and bundle under warm blankets!!

But what really warms my heart is the lovely friends I have and knowing there is a warm hug every time we meet.

Victoria Martin said...

just discovered you via ravelry! love the list - there's been many times I've wondered if it would be possible to knit in a hot bath!

Warms my heart - the generosity of folks to help others out!

Frosts my butt - constant responsibility shirkers

Think I'll go pour a glass of Baileys to warm me up as I type now :)

Unknown said...

Cold-trying to actually knit in my craft room in the winter cuz it's the coldest room in the house as the heater just won't reach it

Warm-I get a toasty feeling inside when I'm able to help others whether it's just with shoulder to cry on, helping someone with computer problems or dropping off knitted hats and breasts at the cancer center

Cybèle said...

O but that's easy: reading your post just made me shiver!
And I can make a long list of things that warm me up, but my partner's Aga probably has to top that list - it's the perfect way to warm a frozen behind...

Susanne said...

A knitted shawl/stole keeps me warm, with hand knit socks on my cold tootsies and perhaps even a pair mittens on my hands, or at least fingerless gloves. The cold part is the -40ºC we had this past week with the wind and it has finally warmed up to just a bit warmer than -20ºC this morning. Ahhh, now that is warm!

Agata said...

Aww poor Susan, I know what you are going through - up until last month I lived in Minnesota, where 10 degrees was a NICE day (shudders at the memories). Try to imagine you're *in* Morocco as you're knitting - that might help.

Here's some of the things that seem to do the trick for me: (in totally random order)

a cat blanket on my lap
my own personal mini pot of tea
cascade cloud 9
hugs from hubby, family, and friends
wrapping & giving presents
hearing my mom laugh
reading comments on the blog (and leaving them for others)
a full tummy
pipin hot new england clam chowder
surprise mail from people I love
my dog's smile (she does! really!)
hubby doing something small but sweet out of the blue :)

Taylin said...

Hmmm, I guess something that makes me cold is getting soggy knees when the wet snow goes through my snowpants after building a snow man or snowball fort outside in the snow.

On the other hand, looking at old pictures and coins from my family and finishing a difficult knitting project makes me feel warm and fuzzy inside.

katrynka said...

Lets see....

Cold is when there is a "lazy wind".. too lazy to go around you, so goes right through you.

Warm is my kitty on my lap while knitting and watching tv!

Becky G said...

Cold--I live in Mississippi, so what cold means to me is an ever so brief respite from the triple digit heat of summer.

It's a chance to drink hot chocolate without having to lay naked on the air conditioner vent afterward.

It's an excuse to stay inside, watch TV and knit.

What warms me up? I try to avoid that--those triple digit temps, you know.

I found you on Ravelry. I'm FineMartialFiber over there.

ikkinlala said...

Cold: It's been very cold here for the past little while. I've been wearing wool socks to bed and still waking up shivering in the middle of the night, because my landlady doesn't seem to care that the basement is colder than the thermostat upstairs indicates. However, even when it's not so cold (and at this time of year, -15C is not that cold), it always feels cold when I get up before it's light to catch the bus and the snow is squeaking under my feet. I hate that squeaking.

Warm: I've been wearing wool. I've been consuming hot drinks (mostly tea and hot chocolate) steadily. Also, I went to a concert on Friday night, and dancing there made me as warm as I've been since September or so.

Chloe said...

Deadlines make me cold. And waiting for buses. But I'd rather focus on warm: hot chocolate, a good movie, and new yarn!

Shell said...

What makes me cold- icy rain, endless Ice needing to be removed, running out of yarn to finish the project.

What makes me warm - beautiful yarn, quiet afternoon sitting by a fire with a warm cup of tea or cocoa and lots of knitting bliss.

purple-power said...

What makes me cold - the unheated room where my Nordic Track is (and I'm supposed to exercise in 35 degrees indoors - I don't think so)

What makes me warm - Fabulous yarn and better yet, winning fabulous yarn!

Anonymous said...

Cold - the endless cold dreary weather (today was an exception) So we went for a hike (all bundled up) and saw snow geese - thousands of them. And that warmed my heart.

Normally it's yarn that makes me feel wonderful and warm. Gorgeous yarn.

hopalong682003 said...

Oh, I've got to go with a "warms the heart" on this one. My husband came bouncing into the house tonight, gave me a huge hug, and said that I make him see everything that's good. Wow! It's been 4 hours, and I'm still blushing. :-)

Elaine said...

Cold - the dead-looking trees, the dirty snow on the ground, the dreariness all around

Warm - Flowers, budding trees, singing birds at the feeders, and most of all, gorgeous yarn all around me!

berlinBat said...

Cold is rainy, dark winter day in Berlin without any snow (which I got used to as a kid).

Warm is the thought of winter holiday in a couple of weeks in Finland, where there will hopefully be some snow. Until that, I'll take my brand new shallowtail shawl out to a walk in the darkness, knit some socks and drink tea.

Anonymous said...

Dark is cold, bare trees are cold, most of my house is cold (we have no insulation)

Sunflowers are warm, Crocuses are warm, robins, tree buds, and of course beautiful yarn are all warm

Anonymous said...

Cold is when it is dreary and damp and snowy in winter. Or dreary and damp and rainy in spring or fall. In winter it's when the temperature hovers in the single digits. In spring/fall it's when the temperatures are in the low 50's.

Warm is when it is nice and sunny. Birds are singing, things are green. In winter it can be a nice day when it is in the 40's or 50's. In summer - well it's just about always warm in summer.

Pearkitten said...

So, even in San Diego I can get pretty darn cold!

Specially waking up in the very early morning, or getting out of school at 10 pm (the wind can be freezing!)

What keeps me warm?

- cup of tea or coffee
- warm bowl of soup
- warm fuzzy sweaters / hoodies
- wool socks!
- car heater
- gloves and mittens
- hug from husband
- and our beautiful doggie on my lap!


Anonymous said...

Cold is sitting directly under one of the vents in the office that seems no matter the season to always be blowing cold air directly at me.

Cold is those first few minutes in the morning in the car before the engine or the seat warmers have had a chance to warm up.

Cold is a dead car battery in Chicago when it's -30 and you don't have any easy way to get back into your friend's apartment after he's left for work.

Warm is snuggling under my fluffy down duvet in flannel PJs with 2 cats plastered to either side of me.

Warm is curling up on the couch with an extra sweatshirt, a blanket, a knitting project and a nice hot mug of tea.

Lucie said...

Hi Susan, It is wonderful reading the shared experiences of winter from people across the world. I have been going out all bundled up for a long walk every day this winter. Except last week when I got the flu and found myself confined to the house, nose pressed against the windows wanting to escape. Last night, however, I got out again, to a little knitting group I started at the local library. Oh that really warmed my cockles and lifted my spirits.

Love your heart socks. So creative.

best lucette

Michelle said...

What keeps me warm:

wool socks
fleece pjs
hugs from my kids

okay, chocolate doesn't make me warmer, but I'll use any excuse to eat some!

knittish said...

Something that warms my heart is to see any baby napping contentedly. So sweet. =)

Another thing that makes my heart sing is to see someone just having a good laugh.

Simple things. Great joy.

Anonymous said...

It's cold here in Minnesota, but we can't buy snow. It's all going around us.

If I burrowed under all my WIPs, I could stay warm in a tent!

Our puppy is a mama's girl, and sleeps up against my lower back. I love it!