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Friday, January 25, 2008

Brag Book

Well, due to popular demand, I am hauling out the brag book today, because...

Y'all want MORE pictures!

Here is a lovely shot of my youngest.

Now, if you're observant, you may notice a slight alteration in McGregor's Garden. (Do you like that better than Mr.McGregor? The appellation "Mr." just seems so formal for such a whimsical little bit of knit.)

Last you saw him, he looked like this:

But while my back was turned, he grew up. See how much more sophisticated he looks now?

Hey! At least he didn't dye his yarn purple or start sporting a nose needle!

It seems that Peter Rabbit wants to be a cable when he grows up (the leg of the sock.) And he didn't feel that staid old stockinette really represented his identity as this stage in his growth. So, Peter chose to present himself as a twisted stitch.

(It's all about image, don't you know. He seems to think making himself sound dangerous will attract all the lace topped socks.)

He is still, however not confident enough to come out from behind the hedgerows.

I'm not surprised by his shyness. He is, to date, the only boy in the family. And he lives under the shadow of his enormously popular sister...

So for all you Moroccan fans out there, this one (OK,maybe a few more than one) is for you!

Persian windows

Portcullis: usually used as an allover pattern, adapted here to a single motif.(note the tight vertical lines formed by knitting through the back loops.)

Palm leaves radiating out like fans swaying in the heat, brushing the flies from the faces of the harem girls.

The sea of minarets call to the faithful.

The waves formed by the beaded medallions along the edge break upon the shore of the Arabian Sea.

Isn't she a lovely Arabian princess?

Now, c'mon...

We KNOW better.

After all, she was born in Indiana.

Pretty young things DO like to put on airs, don't they?

And now, I get to brag a little bit about ol' Mom...

Over the weekend, my Hugs & Kisses scarf and Moroccan Days were featured on Lime n Violet's blog, "Daily Chum." Thanks guys!

And I have received an award from my cosmic twin - La Cabeza Grande! You rock, twin!

I'd like to thank my agent, my personal trainer, my bodyguard, my parents who were always there for me, and all the little people who made this possible...

Yep! I am the proud recipient of the extremely prestigious "You Make My Day" award.


It's a shame the ceremony was canceled this year, due to the writer's strike. Don't get me wrong. I am in complete solidarity with my fellow writers, but enough is enough, people! We want our Desperate Housewives and Grey's Anatomy!

(Hell with MTV. All they play anymore is America's Next Top Model.)

In the spirit of the award, I hereby nominate ten other worthy recipients. Go forth and multiply.

Cheryl of "Jung at Heart" - for loving my babies as much as I do. Go check out Morocco's sibling; she is a thing of beauty

Annie of "Sheepish Annie" - for making me laugh day after day

Kathy of "As Kat Knits" - just for being the wonderful person she is, full of love for life

Ruth of "Knitting on Impulse" - for her splendid creations and her even more splendid photos.

Amy of "Live, Learn, Knit" - for her compassionate prose and steadfast values(except for this Patriots thing. What's up with that? Well, I guess everyone is allowed one aberration...)

Kim of "The Woolen Rabbit" - for obvious reasons (see above) Thanks for the chance to let my muse fly free!

Margene of "Zeneedle" - for her laid back attitude and her understanding of what is important in life and what to let go of.

Tiennie of "Tiennie Knits" - for both her personal generosity and for providing me the chance to have more fun than any one person should be allowed last month.

Sherri at "The Loopy Ewe" - because...well... because she IS Sherri after all...

And last, but certainly not least, Pat from "Pumpkin Knitter" - for being the first person to post about knitting one of Sunflower Designs' patterns. You'll always be special to me, Pat, because...

you ALWAYS remember your first.

Now all of you get to "pay it forward." Go ahead; steal the button...

You know you want to...

Just remember: with great recognition, comes great responsibility. Now YOU have to award ten...

Good thing there are so many terrific knitters out there.

I think that is plenty of grist for the mill. Back to Morocco (before vi ambushes me - that girl is seriously infatuated people - and GOD BLESS HER for it!)


Anonymous said...

the sock pattern is turning out so lovely! I get a kick of seeing those ears pop out!

all in all so very lovely!

amy said...


margene said...

I do beleive the correct spelling is w00t! ;-)
Thank you again for the lovely mention. I wish I could live up to my billing lately. I've had to learn all over again to 'let go' lately. Learning to slow down and take it easy has been hard...but it's a good lesson to learn.
Thanks for the links to some new blogs. It's always fun to find interesting reads. We have many friends in common, I see, too.

Your designs are fabulous...just fabulous!

Anonymous said...

You are too kind! I am so blessed to have found so many fabulous friends here in this internet world.

I am in love with those socks!! Sign me up for a pattern when it is ready!!

vi said...

wow the moroccan is coming along fabulously
and i just sent the link to a few friends.......

you should be very proud of yourself.

and thank you so much for the pictures

(yes that vi)

Bea said...

All your in the works patterns are just gorgeous!

Danielle said...

I love that Peter is easier to see in the new version! :)

Pat K said...

You are much too kind. (And talented with the pattern, which is a perfect keep-me-awake-at-work-when-nothing-else-is-happening knit.) You make me feel special...Thank you! Now to go post a picture of that scarf...

La Cabeza Grande said...

The award is much deserved, my dear! Methinks I'll have to come up with one for "Most Innovative Designs" if you keep this up.

I want both McGregor and a chance to peek through those Persian windows.

Anonymous said...

Thank you so much for your kind mention!

Peter is just too cute!!!

Sheepish Annie said...

Oh, thank you! What a kind thing to do. You make my day, too!

Anonymous said...

Thank you so much!

Agata said...

can't... stop... staring...

sigh. oh why did I have to stumble upon your blog right as you were designing Morocco? WHY!?!

vi said...

as the excitement builds while we all await the premier of morocco

we can console ourselves at least we can come here and drool

and go to 'jung at heart' and drool there

i'm planning on knitting the day version
what version is everyone else thinking of?

(i am thinking of the night one being knit NEXT WINTER)