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Monday, August 20, 2007

Missing You...

Every time I think of you, I always catch my breath
And I'm still standing here, and you're miles away
And I'm wonderin' why you left
And there's a storm that's raging through my frozen heart tonight

I ain't missing you at all since you've been gone away
I ain't missing you, no matter what I might say

Well. life has certainly been busy at Chez Pandorf. Yep, yep, yep!

And noisy. Yep, yep, yep!
The carpenters have been carpentering BANG! BANG! BANG!

The painters have been painting SWISH! SWISH! SWISH! (Okay, so they haven't started painting yet. They're merely power washing the house, which is WAY louder than painting it, trust me!)

The cleaners have been cleaning VROOM! VROOM! VROOM!

So I did what any self-respecting idiot would do. (And if anyone respects my right to be an idiot, it's me!)

I ran away from home.

After meeting up with beauteous Chris of Briar Rose fame, the lovely and talented Ms. Bonne Marie of Chic Knits, and my everlovin' Cabeza Grande at the Michigan Fiber Festival, I headed back up to the lake for another brief visit with my Dad. Might as well. I was already half way there. Figured I could finish formatting the workbook and get in some serious time on Cherry with NO INTERRUPTIONS!!!!

So here is a lovely picture of Bonne Marie, myself, and Karen (also known as La Cabeza Grande.)

And here is a lovely sheep


And here is said sheep getting naked (with a little help from the man with shears)

Goodness! Sheep porn! What's next?

Thank you everyone for your concern over my unannounced absence. It was spur of the moment and I intended on posting from Leland, with my newly acquired wireless technology.

But I got sick


For the second time this month.


What I thought was seasonal allergies, turned into a raging sinus infection.

So I spent two days trying to format the workbook pages the way I wanted, only to have the pages take on a malevolent life of their own. Every time I fixed something, another part went out of whack. I called my hubbie for help. He advised sagely. I took notes. I tried it his way. The workbook pages mocked me with an evil laugh (perhaps my fevered brain made that part up) and continued to warp out of shape, switching fonts, spacing, ledding, and any other body part possible.

I caved. The pages won. I put the answers after each chapter like a good little girl, instead of along the side in a separate column like I envisioned. It just wasn't worth the effort...

But all was not lost. I made real progress on Cherry (almost half done now) as well as some serious canoodling with other patterns and yarns for future original patterns.

Will share all in another post later this week, but here is a teaser

To reward your patience.

I also read three books, spent some time with the extended family, and slept.

A lot.

So I'm back, I'm fine (or as fine as I'm going to get at this point in my life) and I'm raring to go (well, perhaps raring is too strident a word.)

How about this? I'm meandering along my life path again...

Thanks for coming along for the ride.


Donna Lee said...

Well, I am glad that despite the sinus infection (hate those) it sounds like you got some needed rest. Cherry really looks pretty.

amy said...

Thanks for letting us know what's been going on! I was starting to get worried. :) Sinus infections really are terrible, and I'm glad you're feeling better and making progress on all sorts of projects!

La Cabeza Grande said...

Hooray! I was awash with worry, Susan. I'm glad you got some much need recuperative rest and relaxation before returning to the construction zone :o)

Opal said...

I'm so glad you're okay. I was starting to wonder and worry. :-)

I know what a pain it is to have all that noise in your home. It's like an alien invasion.

Cherry looks beautiful!

Anonymous said...

It was SOO Awesome seeing you in Allegan!!! :-) I have Leland on my calendar for October!!! :-) I am counting the minutes until I can get me some Cherry Goodness!!

Rachel said...

I wasn't worried, but I did miss you in your absence! Cherry looks amazing and I can't wait to see what you are doing with the project that matches that photo!

Ann said...

Glad that you are feeling better. Cherry is coming along beautifully.

Denise said...

Very glad you're on the mend - lovely to see a smiley photo of you! And yes, the Cherry is looking really delicious!

Lisa said...

I should have made plans to meet you at Allegan. Sorry about your sinus infection, those are really awful. Cherry is gorgeous so far!

Kim said...

Good for you! A little meandering is just what we need sometimes. I was at Michigan FF on Sunday - looks like you had fun.