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Monday, August 13, 2007

High Ho

C'mon...Sing along...You know the tune...

High Ho, High Ho!
To Stitches we will go
With Socks in Hand
A merry band
High Ho, High Ho, High Ho!

Now that's what I call a bus-load of knitters!

At crack of dawn
We put our glad rags on
We climbed aboard
And headed toward
Chicago -O, High Ho!

Interlacements' booth

High Ho, High Ho!
We took a wrong turn. D'OH!
Our driver tried
To park our ride
High Ho, High Ho, High Ho!

Just Our Yarn's booth

The show was grand
We reached the promised land
We left the din
And entered in
To shop, and drop, High Ho!

Woven Style Kimono Jacket at Elegant Ewe

Oh weary us!
We staggered to the bus
With bags of fiber
All to die "fer"
Yo! High Ho, High Ho

ROCKIN" tee shirt from Gene Ann's

So home we head
To dream upon our beds
Of cashmere fine
and silk divine
High Ho, High Ho, High Ho!

This could go on
And on until you're gone
But I think I'll cease
And knit my fleece
High Ho, High Ho, High Ho...


La Cabeza Grande said...

Sounds like you all had a blast! I know it can be kind of overwhelming, but the Market is worth it - even if it's just done once.

Opal said...

Wow! All that shopping would have caused my wallet to have a nuclear reaction. Do we get to see the goodies you brought home?

Donna Lee said...

I went to Stitches East last year and fell in love with wool. Until that time, I was an "occasion knitter". I could turn out an acceptable gift if the occasion warranted. After going to stitches, I became knitter with a capital K. Now I knit for the enjoyment and pleasure. I look for projects that appeal to me and I am a true convert. A busload of knitters sounds like a ball!